Summoners War: Sky Arena, is a mobile strategy game with a single- and multiplayer mode. It can boast of a deep battling system and rich content. Get involved in the continuous battles with monsters.

What should be done to win?

There is a simple storyline in a single-player that will lead the player from one map to another. Try to collect plenty of monsters choosing among 1 000 creatures of various types and gain victory in the Sky Arena. The gameplay is rich in events and actions. You will meet the monsters with various skills and add abilities picking them up when you are playing. The monsters fall into different categories. There are supporters, attackers, tankers, and defense. The information is mentioned in their stats. You should build a well-balanced squad and choose the appropriate monsters. To win, you should apply your strategic thinking. You will get five attributes to summon, including Light and Dark, Wind, Fire and Water. There are various skills to apply. In multiplayer, you can battle together with your friends forming a team of 3 members.

Rich content

The visuals here are perfect, especially if we consider the free title. You will play with 3D dungeon and town. Rotate the world as you want and enjoy diversity. The game comes with a lot of options and elements. You will do a lot of things. Thus, the lasting appeal is very strong here.  You will explore the world, fight against the other players, build and improve your village, train monsters, create your collections and much more. There is Craft Building Mode inviting you to craft over 100 items, including various constructions, statues, and other things. You can take part in Guild PvP exploring the labyrinth on the Isle of Conquest with other members. Or you can increase the power of your monsters using various special properties and fight against the powerful bosses. If you win, you get the rewards in return.

What’s good

  • It is available in 16 languages;
  • There are in-app purchases enhancing the play experience;
  • There are users’ comments for the monsters, which can be considered when you choose the ones you need.

What’s not so good

  • The game is addictive.

Total win or a player

The title is really nice, and you will spend your time and probably some cash without regret. The well-polished gameplay brings a wide range of options for you to have fun. If you like the genre, you’ll have a strong desire to continue playing.

To install this application you will get a link in the Official Store

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To install this application you will get a link in the Official Store

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