UC Browser is a web browser available on mobile devices. It handles simultaneous downloads and comes with plenty of useful options. You can view, pause, and continue viewing. It is easy to use, the app comes with the clean interface and comprehensive controls. The versions for various types of mobile devices can differ. But in general, the app is powerful.

Full of modes

The app is constantly updated, that is why you will get it polished and improved. It provides a video watching experience, support, safety, stability, and quite a lot of storage. The web connection is very fast. There are several modes adding to the usage. It allows applying a small window mode, which will remove the video window, just hanging it on the screen top. Thus, you can perform other tasks while the video runs. If you are a user of Facebook, I recommend applying the Facebook mode, speeding up the social media. Also, you can choose between Light and Night Mode. The latter allows taking care of your vision while you are reading.

To enhance your experience

UC Browser is a really beneficial option available for free. It loads quickly and adds plenty of useful functions. If you do not use any other browser meeting your requirements, you should try it. You can apply numerous options coming with this app in order to benefit from the app to the most extent. You can enjoy a wide choice of stickers to make your messages more personal. There are also video statuses to add to the clips. You can play cricket and view the Cricket match live. The app comes with advertisements, and that can be annoying, and this is why you can block it. Also, you are allowed to compress the data using UC Browser and store it on your mobile device.

What’s good

  • There is an efficient compression option;
  • The download speed is rather high;
  • The app is secure;
  • There is ad blocking.

What’s not so good

  • The interface is not very intuitive.

With international following

Download this app as many people all over the world do and browse easily, applying tools suited to every fancy. UC Browser invites you to watch TV series, shows, movies. You can find what you like on the menu and enjoy the content.

To install this application you will get a link in the Official Store

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To install this application you will get a link in the Official Store

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