Secret Neighbor is a horror game where you will do your best to survive, though your efforts can be in vain. The title is complicated and challenging, coming with elements of the adventure genre. Also, you can enjoy multiplayer here. Every character comes with his specific ability helpful at a particular moment. Benefit from them and complete your mission.

Is it interesting to play?

If you have ever played the Hello Neighbor, you can be sure to understand the key idea and story of this title. But this time, you will get even more advanced challenges. Now you will navigate a character who will try to reveal the neighbor’s secrets together with his six friends. Be ready to face almost the same visuals. But the plans of the house will be different with additional premises. The vital difference from the origin is that the neighbor is one of your team. And it is quite possible that he is you. As you see, the task gets complicated. There are various tricks and puzzles which should be solved in cooperation with the others. When you get into the house, you will explore every floor in search of the needed door and keys to unlock it. And the enemy will do his best to prevent you from doing this. He will mislead your team and try to capture you one after the next.

Is it easy to play?

The title is well designed, with nice graphics and pleasant music. You will be suggested to turn to the menu with a comprehensive layout. You are recommended to play on a powerful mobile device so that you could enjoy better performance. But anyway, the title runs in a smooth manner providing the proper tension and emotional stress typical for the horror genre. The controls are very simple. Almost all actions of the character are performed with simple tapping and swiping. Or you can use the keyboard.

What’s good

  • The cartoon-like graphics provide an engrossing play experience;
  • The updates are available for free;
  • Sounding adds to the overall impression.

What’s not so good

  • It requires a rather powerful mobile device to enjoy the title and avoid difficulties with settings.

Entertaining horror action

You will enjoy this title with its plain story and diverse challenges. When one of your friends has disappeared, you decide to search for him together with your friends. There is an idea that he is trapped in the house of your very strange neighbor. You should be ready for severe interactions with that dangerous man.

To install this application you will get a link in the Official Store

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To install this application you will get a link in the Official Store

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