Rag doll breed is very quite.

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Rag doll breed is very quite.Passive, docile, laid back, chilled, relax and melts when handled you got it right that is the one and only Rag doll. Originating from California; very timid and low energy cat that goes well with literally every one, if it has been to be even a threatening stranger, due to their excessive friendly attitude. This is what breeders are working as how to make it able to stimulate the tendency to fight back where there is some sort of danger, that is why it is strictly recommended to be an indoor cat as they don’t actually know how to survive in an outdoor environment. Rag doll has a very chilled out attitude it just like sit back, rest and relax though they get active occasionally but most the time they just like to hang around their own space. They have no tendency to climb from one place to another they are more like floor dweller though it has a lot to do with their body structure where they have a large frame and proportionate legs on which a male carry around weight that it about 12-20 pounds and female around 8-15 pounds. They come in different colors mostly in 4 colors Chocolate, Seal, Blue and Lilac and 3 patterns Mitted, Color Spot, Bi-Color and 4 colors, when born they have pure Rag doll breed is very quite.white hair and it takes almost 2 years for the final color to fully develop. One of the fascinating factor of Rag doll are their eyes they have a striking and heartening blue color that is simply breathtaking; it multiplies the charm of this breed of cat by 1000 times because of the sheer mesmerizing effect that it has.

They have a very elegant look to them and they look very fluffy and soft but they actually are like small teddy bears. Their tendency to go limp when handled is a very adoring factor as it simply submit itself when picked up and shows no temperameRag doll breed is very quite.nt at all, which makes it very suitable for children who tend to be gentle as it won’t even react incase if manhandled or mauled roughly which often happens when children handle any animal. They are very good travelers if they are trained or made used to the routine since the small age they are going to love the traveling then and can be very good companions. They are usually very quite and most of the time they like to rest and lay back and relax but occasionally they do get vocal so it makes them not completely mute but they are not that vocal either. They are get accustomed to other animals very well in fact they really like the company of other animals or another Rag doll though it is not mandatory but they don’t mind it either, they have a special liking for dogs they go along so well with dogs. Rag dolls have semi long over coat and no under coat, only minimal shedding is witnessed and they don’t knot. Therefore very little grooming is required and occasional brushing, Rag dolls have an average life span of about 12-15 years and they cost about $700 to $1200.

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