Raga Muffin breed is right for children.

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When you first  see a  Raga Muffin cat  from a greater distance, you would be  surprised. You see a gorgeous cat, Raga Muffin breed is right for children.massive, with large eyes and expressive, which  urge you to get closer. A sumptuous color and soft fur on the body of a considerable stature complete landscape. It is not known exactly what is the context in which Raga Muffin race appeared  and exact story will remain, most likely a mystery forever. Race Raga Muffin was accepted by CFA in February 2003.

Morphological traits

Usually Raga Muffin is a tall cat, female touching a weight between 5 and 7.5 kilograms. Males weigh often between 7.5 and 10 kg. The bone structure is very solid. They completely matures at the age of  about 4 years and have a higher life expectancy. As a general rule, Raga Muffin are strong and healthy cats with no  specific breed  genetic health problems.

Character and behaviorRaga Muffin breed is right for children.

Cat breed  Raga Muffin personality is  one of  such kindness  taken to extremes, similar to the pet dogs. Each of these cats begs attention  and  is not unusual for them to expect their master  when he is  come back home  after  an absence of several hours, and will follow  the master from room to another, becoming his  faithful companion.  Are wonderful as a family animal, with so much affection to offer  to the family members, but  not only to the family but to other animals.

Raga Muffin is a cat right for families with children, very gentle with them. Their calm and patient temperament, and very malleable personality, make them easily adaptable to almost any environment or situation, as long as people enjoy their attention and interest.

Raga Muffin is a calm cat, she likes to sit  next to its master when he read a book or watching TV. Yet, no Raga Muffin is Raga Muffin breed is right for children.not a  sedentary cat. It is sufficient to remove toys and will  become ready for action in a minute.


Raga Muffin cats come in a whole variety of colors and patterns, with white points or other colors. The impact is amazing, regardless of coat color. Hair is medium length to long. Although the hairs are thick and raised as a texture, do not give a dull appearance or limp coat, it is easy to maintain.

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