Russian Blue – natural cat breed

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Russian Blue – natural cat breedThis cat is a rare and precious. It is a natural breed, without being the result of man-directed selection. It is  said that  this cat would have been preferable for countries and Cossack warriors that  used to start the battle with restless cats with claws on their backs. The first information about the race from is from1860, when she arrived in the UK brought  by the ships arriving from the Russian port of Arkhangelsk, through the White Sea. World War II represents a period of stagnation in all breeds, the rare  ones being right on the point of extinction. Race is held in growth as an ascending Englishwoman, and since the ’50s, a group of British and Scandinavian breeders try to save the race, calling the cross with twins blue point. In 1965  the results of the selection approaches to that of a standard before the First World War. In the U.S., the breed is registered with CFA in the early twentieth century until 1960 but rarely participated in exhibitions of cats

This race, by some authors, is based on the old cat Arkhangelsk, which was matted with blue conjoined twins and after a rigorous selection has managed to obtain a genetically, population , which was standardized in 1965.

Morphological traitsRussian Blue – natural cat breed

Medium-sized breed with short hair, is characterized by a rectangular head, long and relatively flat, wide forehead and fronted-nasal line is right, which form an evident angle. The ears are well distances between the base and slightly loose .They are sharp, transparent, fine and covered by fine thick hairs. The eyes are large, open, expressive, almond-shaped, ranging in color from glossy green to  emerald green. The neck is  well developed and connected to the head and torso.

The trunk is  long, well developed, balanced, covered by a compact muscle, it is supported by long  and strong limbs, and it  ends with hard and sharp claws. The tail is long, straight, smooth, and thins towards the terminal. The body is covered with short hair, often thin, and slightly elevated compared to the trunk, otherwise characteristic of the breed. Coat color is blue-gray, silver shot, focused mainly on animal movement.

Character and conduct.

Russian Blue – natural cat breedIt is one of the best cats for growth in small spaces because of the special qualities they have. It  is a calm pet, clean and very affectionate, living in total agreement with the owner .The cat, highly intelligent, guesses  from the eyes of her  master if she can make a particular action.

Very playful in his youth, with age, becomes  more quiet, dealing more with the daily toilet .She is a good companion not only for family members, but also for other animals, with whom agrees to share time and interests . It is particularly human company, but avoids too loud children, or who behave in a more brutal way.

It is  an extremely resistant animal to low temperatures, however she prefers to sit near a source of heat . Less squeamish, responds very well to a variety of food. It has great desire to eat and can be prone to obesity, so it would be good to be given carefully rations. Generally not a dainty cat. Like any breed with short hair,  the care  require special attention, but coat must be brushed regularly with a soft brush.


Other varieties are not allowed, just the standard one

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