Scottish Fold breed don’t like noise

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Scottish fold cat first appeared as a natural mutation in Scotland in the ’60s. Many veterinarians and competitions Scottish Fold breed don’t like noisejuries decided that ears that cats are a strain and that will not allow the cat to develop good and not allow to the cat to clean his ears properly. Deformations of the spine,  backward  legs and the tail  appeared also when two cats of the same type were crossed. Therefore, the Board of the Association of cat lovers in the UK decided not to allow any registered breed Scottish Fold and now this race is not created or taken to exhibitions in Britain. However, creators of the breed continued to produce and to export to Europe and America, proving that it is possible to eliminate the problems of the column ,the legs,  the back and the tail, incorporating  cats with normal ears in the genetic reproducing surveillance. Scottish fold is now recognized on the American continent, where it is met in exhibitions.

Morphological traits

What distinguishes the race Scottish fold of other breeds of cats are the small ears and bent forward and down. Ear lobe is hard, cartilaginous and fully bent, so that covers the opening of the internal ear. Ear tips are rounded. The body is rounded, without seem cumbersome, supported by the States of medium length. The head is large and round with pScottish Fold breed don’t like noiserominent cheeks, neck strong. The nose is short and wide, rounded brush whiskers. The ears are small, with folds ear as close to the skull. The eyes are large and round, and it harmonizes with the color of their fur. Hair is medium length and is often soft. Members are of medium length and directly proportional to the body. The tail is wider at the base, thinning toward the rounded top.

She needs to be fed 70-80 kcal / kg / day. Are prone to obesity, being recommended to  be carefully supervised on the  amount of  the food they eat. When two cats with the bent ears are crossed , the dominant genes that cause the bent of the ears it, can cause deformations of the spine, leg and back tail. Scottish Fold cats ears are difficult to clean the cat itself, so owners need to do this action from time to time. After the age of eight years is  recommended a routine check at the  veterinarian at least once a year for checking teeth and functioning liver and kidneys.Scottish Fold breed don’t like noise

Character and behavior:

It is an active medium breed cat, very affectionate with family members, and is very reserved towards foreign people. Do not like noisy places or unknown places. It is easy to adapt to apartment life. Get along well with children and other pets. Not noisy. Short and thick fur of cats of breed the Scottish Fold is easy to trim and does not require special attention. Regularly brushing helps remove dead hair. Shepherd sheds hair very little.

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