Siamese breed is a very popular

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Siamese breed is a very popularHyper, active, vocal, intelligent, timid, affectionate and playful it has it all; the Siamese. Originating from Thailand as the name indicates Saim now Thailand. Siamese were once the royal cats because they are very protective of their owners and this is the trait that is still alive in the genes of this breed of cat. They are very active and known for their this characteristic that they always want to do something and need someone around to play with and if they don’t have any companion to play with then they try to find companions or time pass in the things that are around the house.

They are very elegant where the slim look makes it more stylish but they are very flexible and well muscled. It has large ears which is more of a trademark of Siamese with a thin and long neck; just like the tail that is also very long but that adds more beauty to the over all structure of Siamese. Siamese come in different colors dark brown with black points (seal point), cool gray points (blue point), chocolate points and lilac point but at the time of birth they are either cream or pure white then later as Siamese grew they start to develop color and eventually after 2years it gets to the final color. Siamese eyes are almond shaped they Siamese breed is a very popularhave either chartreuse, yellow, or gold colors but often then will end up with blue eyes that are intermediate in color between whitish blue and navy blue.

Siamese are very known and popular because of their playful and intelligent nature and the extra kick is provided by the talking that it do, it does communicate in its own distinctive way. Either if Siamese want to seek attention or if they want to show their discomfort to something or maybe they want to demand for a certain thing they are likely going to explore the vocal mean they are very talkative and they are very vocal. They form bond with people or any other companion if its dog or some other animal very quickly and easily. They get attached to people but they often developing a liking for one person but they are also very family oriented, when every they sense any danger or threat approaching towards the owner they get into a protective mode so either jump into their lap or get closer in order to body guard the owner no matter how grave the danger is or the threat it is going to pose to its vary life but it don’t hesitate in defending the owner. Unlike other cats who often goes under the seat of the car while traveling it just simply enjoys the ride and don’t bother while traveling in the car. They need grooming because they shed and it is important to keep their ear and eyes clean, hand grooming is all it needs once a week is enough. Their average life span is between 18-20 years, they cost about $800 to $1100.

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