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As the name suggests, Singapura is from Singapore, place where ancestors of this breed had a reputation for cats Singapura breed love people“channel”, diverting much of their life especially through channels. Singapura is, officially, the smallest breed of cat in the world, although some males can reach and the size of a Burma. Singapura cats are believed to exist about three hundred years and are descendants of cats brought in from around the world in Singapore, which were crossed with local breeds. Singapura modern draws its origins from four cats brought  to the U.S. from Singapore in 1975, by Tommy Meadow.

Morphological traits:

Although very much  she resembles  with the Abyssinian cat , Singapura cat is a much smaller sized cat. The head is round, presenting an easy stop positioned slightly below eye level. The nose is broad, moderately short and ends with a blunt top. On the nose there must be a strong signal with dark pigmentation. Ears seem too large for his stature, broad, sales at the base, the flag deep. The eyes are large, located at a distance not exceeding the length of the eye wide open. When closed, partially or totally, draw slash. It is desirable the presence of a dark outline around the eyes. Can be green, yellow or Singapura breed love peopleamber, but cannot predict what color will the eyes kitten when it will reach maturity. On the forehead is painted sign “M”, characteristic tabby cat. The tail is medium length, feet are very small and small-sized body has moderate length, but is very muscular. The Singapura cat is developing very slowly and does not reach the final body size only after the age of 15 to 24 months. There is much difference between the appearance of male and female animals.

Character and behavior:

Singapura is a friendly cat who loves people very much, begging , literally,  for attention. They enjoy watching television with his master, sitting in his  lap or on his shoulder. Singapura cat like watching the world from somewhere above, so all the time are on the top of the furniture. Not like the cold and damp, as appropriate for indoor cats. Her voice is warm, delicate and usually express great appreciation of her feline face of company owners. Attention to details,   Singapura  manages to quickly identify habits or hobbies of the  people to whom lives, indeed, and they  make fun  at their expense imitating them. Movement which performs a cat while playing help develop a  their physical characteristics. A big advantage of the breed iSingapura breed love peoples that breeding males of childbearing and don’t  mark their  territory  not in the house or around it. Another big advantage is that, although Singapura cat is a perennial, it is not at all noisy. Thus, during the heat, the female does not “yell” like her  Asian sister , but rather stuttering, allowing the owner to sleep peacefully at night. “Vocabulary” of the cats is based more on gestures and less talk, it is expressed through glances or feet movement. Sometimes they tap master as a token of consolation, even biting him gently, which is not always painless.


Race does not know color varieties, Singapura  cats fur have  a single color: sepia . In fact, it is an intense shade of brown, an ivory-colored background. Each hair of the coat with at least two bands of sepia brown color, separate color bands of light color, top hair is dark, while his base is lighter. The fur on the muzzle, chest, stomach and ventral side of limbs  don’t  show bands, but is colored in one color – creamy white, and ivory.

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