Snowshoe is very friendly breed.

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Snowshoe is very friendly breed.Snowshoe is an American race, which resulted from crossing Siamese breed with Shorthair American race in the 60′s. Cat breeders have recognized the unique beauty of this cat and insured the perpetuation of this breed, the gene is now quite widespread. Currently, Snowshoe breed popularity is growing both in America and across the world.

Morphological traits

Snowshoe is a medium sized cat, which combines the robustness of the breed American Shorthair cats with fragile elegance of the Siamese cat. The head is broad, cheekbones are high and have  a line contour . The  average size is slightly rounded as much as it is wide and long. At the male protruding jaw and bone structure are allowed. Head size is proportional to the torso and limbs. Ears are medium size, slightly rounded tips, are alert and very wide at the base, continuing a line on the ears of the skull. Her eyes were oval or peanut, not prominent and are focused on the ears. It accepted any shade of blue is preferable that bright. The muzzle is proportional to the Snowshoe is very friendly breed.size of the head and presents a fine stop.  The nose is neither too broad nor too narrow, but proportional to the head. The body has an average length, there is no stuff, no delicate. It is well proportioned, with well developed skeletal and muscular structure, powerful, agile. Males have a medium to large size, and females are proportionately smaller than males. Limbs are proportionate to the body and the skeletal system is well structured. Feet are proportionate to the limbs and torso to form oval. Presents five fingers on the front and four at the rear. The tail has a mean width at the base, , is proportional to the length of the body. Snowshoe is a cat with short fur with white markings on legs that have given the breed name (snow = snow, shoe  =shoe) and a letter V shape pattern that starts back in the center of the forehead and down to the muzzle.

Character and behavior:

Snowshoe is an intelligent cat that loves human company. They are ideal pets, following his master around the house,Snowshoe is very friendly breed. “talking” on a gentle and melodic tone. Her personality varies from one sample to another but generally Snowshoe is a friendly animal whose main features are intelligence and mystical air of detachment, the latter being an oriental feature. It is a very communicative cat that feels good in the company of men, but also of its siblings. She adores  apartment life.

Snowshoe cats of breed does not require special care, but enjoy the attention given by care. The fur is short and may experience more shades, the most common being blue point and seal point, both in combination with white. Must be smooth to the touch and attached to the body.


Color “mask”, the tail, the ears and limbs must be dense and well defined. All these areas must have the same hue. “Mask” should cover the whole face (except the white areas) and continue to ears by marking contoured. Ideal pattern of the face should include white muzzle form a V back, and feet must present  symmetrical white “socks”.

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