Somali breed is very expensive.

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Somali breed is very expensive.Originated from a cross breed between Abyssinian and long hair Persian or Angora but there are certain other contradictory claims about its origination either which says that it occurred due to the natural mutation but having said that if the attitude, nature, physique, temperament and the Somali’s susceptibility to certain diseases is analyzed it is ascertained that it is a cross between Abyssinian and some long hair cat breed because the presence of numerous traits that are similar to Abyssinian. Therefore the former theory of Somali being a cross breed seems to be authentic. Somali has almost he same traits as those are present in its ancestor. Somalis are very active, hyper, vocal, playful and energetic they want human companionship all the time. Somalis have physical feature same as that of Abyssinian but the other cross of long hair dSomali breed is very expensive.oes gives it something if not all that includes the fluffy coat of long hair and the bushy tail which is as long as in Abyssinian but they are short hair and Somalis have long hair. Somalis also inherit the “M” mark between the eyes from the Abyssinian known as frown lines. The also have the same color as that of Abyssinian yellow, brown, beige base with blue ticking, light-cream base color with darker cream ticking and Ruddy. They have eye color gold, green or hazel.

Somalis are always in search of human companionship and they are so keen for that they would even get into the cushion with you to sleep with you; they also like water unlike other cats they have the tendency to be in the shower with you. They are very talkative they communicate their discontent or pleasure over thing that they feel Somali breed is very expensive.or even when they want attention of other for one reason or the other. They don’t just create noise but they talk back when some one is talking to them. They like to run around the house and wants their share in any activity that is going around; they act like dogs, they follow you from room to room and if you open a door first they would like to enter it and even when you open a bad they would like to see that what’s in they always like to climb to your lap and jump over you. They have long hair but that require very little grooming and they shed very little hair once or twice a year and the combing once a week is enough. They are very expensive they cost $800 to $1200. They do have long hair but they don’t keep on shedding all the time and they are very active and talkative a trait that is missing in most of the long hair cats therefore with less hassle of grooming and the availability of the best traits of one of the best breeds of cats make it the favorite breed in town.

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