Sphynx breed is a result of mutation.

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It is a result of the mutation that occurred when a hairless cat was discovered in the litter of normal kittens.Sphynx breed is a result of mutation. Sphynx are hairless and they don’t literally are hair less they do have soft hair called peach fuzz, because of the lack of hair just like Cornish Rex in order to stay warmer they cuddle with people or animals and in their quest to stay warm and cozy you would even find them in the bed with you. They have wedge shaped heads and they have heavy bodies where they often develop pot bellies which are very commonly witnessed in this breed of cat. They are very warm, compassionate, caring, loving and cuddly creatures they love companionship. They are very curious and inquisitive about every thing, they always wants to participate in activities that are going around them and would effecSphynx breed is a result of mutation.tively try to get their share of work or try to find area where they can lend some help.

They have eye colors such as gold, green, amber, blue and aqua. If they don’t have hair or coat that doesn’t means that they either have one color or no patterns; their skin is the color of their fur would be and all the usual cat marking patterns (Solid, Pointed, Tabby, Mitted, etc) are present in Sphynx too. Though it should be made sure that there is a limited exposure to the sunlight because due the lack of hair the sun rays comes into direct contact with the skin which can cause severe sun burn. They tend to explore any place that they find warmer therefore while outdoors it should be made sure that they are properly looked after because that need of theirs can get them into deep trouble. The Sphynx are very compassionate, loving, caring and demanding breed of cats. They like to have some activity going around them and they are very playful, they form bonds with people very quickly and easily they are very inviting and welcoming to even strangers, as they can go along very well with literally every one, which makes them vulnerable to maSphynx breed is a result of mutation.ny threats therefore it is an indoor cat and even while outdoor they should be supervised. Sphynx travel very well they don’t bother that much which other cats do and they just simply sleep while traveling. They are hardly vocal though they do communicate in their own distinctive way when they want food or attention for some other purpose. They have a dog like attitude they hang around people, loves socializing, follow the owner from room to room and they are always fond of tipping over people. Sphynx are a family oriented cat they form bonds with every one they are also very friendly with other animals such as dogs. Having no hair doesn’t means that there is no hassle of maintenance their skin not always but sometimes gets oily therefore they should be frequently bathed. The Sphynx have an average life span of about 15-20 years but there have been instances where they have lived longer. They are very expensive because they are very rare they cost around $800 to $1500.

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