Superstitions about cats

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Do you know some superstitions about cats? We have prepared the most popular for  you. Some of them probably you have heard, some of them we have to treat with smile, but some of them can be harmful for our cat.

Black cats  bring bad luck or good lack

It is the most popular superstition associated with cats. Facts show that black colour brought bad luck only cats, but not people. In the Middle Ages dark cats were burned at the stake with women who were witches. In Poland people believe that black cats bring bad luck, but in United Kingdom people say that cats in this colour bring good luck. Like we see everything depends on interpretation.Superstitions about cats

Cats like milk and have to drink it

Superstition that  cats  go together with  milk is not truth. Cats like milk, but only young cats have to drink milk. Later some of cats don’t tolerate milk. Milk can cause vomiting, allergy and trophic disturbances. Remember that if you notice symptoms, it means that your cat shouldn’t drink milk.

Cats always get down on all fours

Cats have a sense of equilibrium in the middle ear, which deliver data about  head position  to the brain. Right head position causes that cat get down on all fours. Probably you have heard different histories about falling cats, but remember that cats are not indestructible. Sometimes after accidents cats have inner injures, which you can’t notice, so take care about safety your cat.

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