Tonkinese – crossing a Siamese breed with a Burmese

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Tokinese race is a new breed, which  was resulted from crossing a Siamese with a Burmese , presenting such Tonkinese – crossing a Siamese breed with a Burmesecharacteristics from both breeds. It was first developed in America in the 50s, called Golden Siamese , but  the  race hasn’t  gained popularity, being ignored over time. Only in the 60 reappeared as the Tonkinese, their  popularity were growing, getting to be preferred as pets and  at exhibition. They  have gained full recognition in America in 1975.

Morphological traits

Tonkinese is a medium sized cat. The head is slightly rounded, of medium width. Seen in profile, the nose appears obliquely, pointing to a firm chin. The ears are well apart, being wider at the base, thinning toward the tip, slightly rounded. Outline of the ear follows the line, face up to its base. The eyes are far and as more open than those targeted but not completely round, and are slightly inclined towards the nose. Eyes exhibition cats are  like  greenish blue, but colors can vary from green to blue. Copulation is well balanced, strong and muscular, and the posterior is slightly elevated. The legs are thin and muscular and the rear limbs are slightly longer than the front. The paws are oval and Tonkinese – crossing a Siamese breed with a Burmesearranged his fingers. The tail is supple, and when brought along the body reaches the cat’s shoulders. Race Tonkinese doesn’t have any health issues  being  able to live long and active life. It is recommended, as in the other races, a routine annual inspection at the  veterinary officers to check the kidney and the liver.

Character and behavior

Tonkinese cats as  the race have the same nature as friendly and related breeds, Siamese and Burmese.  They are ideal as a family animal and they are oriented to the human company. They are very vigorous and intelligent. Can be trained to do various tricks and they need toys and games for fun. They like to always have company and, if need to be left alone for a longer period of time, a companion is essential. No noisy cats, love to spin near the master and to follow him everywhere. Their natural curiosity often putTonkinese – crossing a Siamese breed with a Burmeses them in difficult situations,  and it would be better to limit access to outside the house, especially if you do not have a good garden closed. It  doesn’t bothers them to be house cats as long as they have a companion and many toys with which to occupy their time.

Tonkinese cats in the breed does not require special care, whereas it has  short coat  that is easy self-maintenance, yet enjoyed the attention that is given by care. The coat should be short and attached to the body. The texture is smooth, soft and silky, with a glossy sheen. Types of fur require that the , mask, ears, feet and tail to be darker than the body.

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