Travelling with cat.

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Travelling with cat.

There is also domestic method, which is helpful to care about your cat’s teeth and prevent deferment dental deposits . Sometimes we can give our puppie beef, cutted on bigger cubes. Our cat must bite meat accurately before swollow.

Are you going to spend your holiday outside home? Don’t you know what to do with your cat? You have two solutions. Firstly you can leave your animal in animal centre or ask for help your family and friends. You can also take your cat on trip with you.

You have to take care of comfort and safety animal during journey. Before holiday you should buy special transporter, which guarantee safety. Few days before trip you should

accustom your cat to being in transporter. Place there cat’s delicacies and favourite toys.

New places cause that risk of diseases is bigger. Don’t remember about protection against claws and fleas. Fight against worms using special tablets or drops .Take with you all necessary documents, especially vaccination card.

During driving take care of cat’s mood. Make breaks after two or three hours . Remeber that heat can be harmful for animals. Dish with water is necessary. If your cat has car-sickness a great idea is taking special drugs. Don’t overfeed your pet. Prepare slip with your telephone, address and pin to cat’s collar.

There are the most important tips, which can help you in safety travelling. Experience shows that a lot of cat’s don’t like it and it is better to ask family for care.

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