Turkish Angora – beautiful cat’s breed with long hair

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Turkish Angora – beautiful cat’s breed with long hairOrigin of this breed is not yet safe, even if  legal documents were found for a very long time .At one moment this cat  almost disappeared from our continent, the right for  this breed accounting for Americans and English people. Turkish Angora is a breed with long hair, important in terms of historical study ,because it is considered that this cat has sent the current character of most semi long or long hair breeds and particularly Persians. Turkish Angora was first discovered in the Middle East between Turkey and Iran and Pietro della Valle  brought the first copies in Italy in the XVII century. Angora name refers to the Turkish capital Ankara. This name has become synonymous with quality hair, specific to other species (Angora goat or Angora rabbit).

Morphological traits.

One of the most beautiful cats with long hair, Turkish Angora  is gaining  more followers than ever, because of her qualities and attributes .Distinguished  and elegant through its movements, giving the impression that it is prepared to pose. She is characterized by less than round  and narrow head compared with the Persians, which possibly could be confused, with well-proportioned ears, distant and sharpened  peaks. The eyes  are large, well open, expressive, bright and blue, but other shades of color can be admitted.

The body is robust, well dressed in muscles with lengthiness slightly superior  to the Persian, supported by short limbs, but robust. The tail is long and thin, well dressed in hair .The body is covered with fine, dense and silky hair, more Turkish Angora – beautiful cat’s breed with long hairabundant around the neck , abdomen and the tail.

Changing the  hair is an extremely interesting phenomenon and the re growth  is more abundant at the beginning of the cold season. The color is white but other colors are allowed, and the beauty of these cats do not fall with nothing.

Character and behavior.

Gentle race, affectionate, quiet and smart, alongside exterior traits, is being increasingly appreciated and noticed. She  is distinguished by her  temperament, and she prefers playing instead of resting, even at an advanced age .She prefers cozy spaces and she is content to stay in areas with soft environment, than to go outside in the yard or garden. Is  still a Turkish Angora – beautiful cat’s breed with long hairsensitive animal and requires care. First it is good to avoid bathing and daily brushing is strictly necessary  a few minutes to keep the robe in appropriate circumstances.


The color of this breed of Angora cats  is black, blue, beige, etc..

Angora white is classic. Must be pure white with green eyes, light blue, yellow-reddish or different (an eye each color) and nose pads are pink.

Other varieties are:

• Black, blue-red, cream, turtle shell, chocolate, lilac, lilac-cream. For bi color white varieties should form a V back and front bead on the upper chest and to be found and the tail;

• or smoky gray (smoke) in all basic colors: bleached hair is based;

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