You treat your cat like a child.

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Is your cat member of family? Some people say that cats, which are treated like children, are happiest. And you? Are you cat’s mother or cat’s father?

We prepare 15 things, which approve that you are cat’s mother or cat’s father. List below:

1. Always you have photo of your cat with you – in the wallet, on the desk and on your desktop

2. Your cat receive Christmas presents and birthday presents, which are always in a beautiful paper.

3. You have always a lot of food for your cat. You treat your cat like a child.

4. You have pot with grass for your pet

5. You prepare cat’s birthday party with cake

6. You decorate your home scrapers.

7. If you spend your holiday outside home, you have always take your cat with you.

8. Cat can eat on your plate.

9. Cat has own vet

10. In your testament are points associated with cat

11. You go walk with your cat

12. If your cat have small cats, your friends visit you and give presents for cats

13. If your cat is ill, you take day off

14. You spend your free time always with cat. It is important point of your day.

15. You love growling your cat.

And You? How you treat your animal? If you are agree with almost sentences you are probably cat’s mother or cat’s father.

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